Fatima, PCR Supervisor

Posted date: 05 February 2021

Meet the people behind the NHS Test and Trace team: Fatima, PCR Supervisor

​As the fight against COVID-19 continues in the UK, we showcase some of the people playing their part behind the scenes within the NHS Test and Trace Laboratories. Fatima Omar, a PCR Supervisor based at the Charnwood Lighthouse Lab operated by PerkinElmer, in Loughborough, shares her experience so far.

What do you do as a PCR Supervisor?

Currently, I work alongside four other PCR supervisors to pre-prepare plates so that it can be analysed post-PCR. Specifically, as a supervisor, that involves managing the team and making sure we are set up and ready for when we go live.

Where were you before you joined?

I’ve had earlier experience working in the NHS before going on to work for the Charnwood Lighthouse laboratory. There, I was involved in tested proteins to see if people were pre-disposed to diabetes, chronic heart diseases and various other diseases. Having had some form of a diagnostics backgrounds before, getting to work in a diagnostics lab now is exciting.

Can you share with us your thoughts about the work you do?

I think we play a really important role in contributing to the NHS Test and Trace system that has been set up by the UK government. But more importantly, we’re helping people stay safe by testing the public for COVID-19 and hopefully we can go back to normality very soon.

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