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Working a part-time night shift

The new NHS Test and Trace Leamington Spa laboratory currently forms a key part in the UK's COVID-19 recovery efforts in supporting society back to a more normal way of life. Because of this, we are offering round-the-clock shifts so the lab is operational 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and we need you to help us make that happen.

Part-time night shift roles that are available

To maintain the continuous running of the laboratory, we urgently need a range of experience levels to work on a part-time night shift pattern. Our part-time night shifts are split over two 10-hour working nights a week and we will do our best to accommodate your preference on which night of the week you would like to work. All our part-time night shifts run on 12-18-month contracts.

As the laboratory starts to ramp up and get busier over the coming weeks, we are prioritising our recruitment to fill the following shifts:

  • Part-time Nights — 2 x 10 hour shifts (total of 20 hours per week)

  • Part-time Weekend Nights — 2 x 10 hour shifts (total of 20 hours per week)

We also provide flexible working hours for university students — please speak to our team for more information.

If you are keen to start working at Leamington Spa at the earliest opportunity, our part-time night shifts will help you do this, as priority allocation will be for those shifts highlighted above during this ramping up period. 

If your preference is to work full time but you are able to consider these part-time shifts for an interim period, please indicate this when you apply and a member of our team will be in touch. After a period of no less than six months working on a part-time night shift, you will have the opportunity to apply to for a full-time role on a different shift pattern. Please note, this transition is not guaranteed and will be dependent on the requirements of the laboratory at that time.

Junior Laboratory roles

Our junior lab roles are ideal for students looking to gain impressive work experience to jump-start a science career while studying or preparing to graduate from a relevant science degree.

Laboratory Support Technician
No former experience required.

Junior Laboratory Technician
Requires relevant BSc Honours degree. We also welcome students graduating in 2021.

Lab Equipment Technician
Requires a knowledge of laboratory environment and set up

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Senior and Management lab roles

Whether you are retiring from a full-time job and want to support your local community, or are a PhD student interested in taking up a part-time role, our senior and management lab positions give you access to cutting edge automated science technology to carry out this crucial work.

​• Bioscientist / Diagnostic Scientist Lead

Data Scientist

Lab Shift Manager

Senior Lab Technician

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Warehouse roles

Our warehouse roles are ideal if you already have a background in a warehousing or a similar environment and want to play your part in supporting the COVID-19 pandemic efforts.

Warehouse Operative

• Warehouse Supervisor

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Training and Professional Development

You will receive a comprehensive induction and training relevant to your role. Regardless of your experience level, NHS Test and Trace will offer you continued professional development and experience to define your career further.

A world-leading public health disaster response unit

Set to become one of the largest diagnostic laboratories in Europe, the Royal Leamington Spa lab will be part of the UK’s national infrastructure to respond to future epidemics. In the long run, this laboratory will also support other critical illnesses such as cancer, cardiovascular and metabolic diseases.

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