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What you can expect as our Laboratory Support Technician

As a Laboratory Support Technician, you will be responsible for providing support with the processing of testing
samples from receipt, through to sample processing and storage, in line with laboratory and quality management processes.

Laboratory support technician COVID-19 jobs

During your shifts you will have the opportunity to work closely with Junior Lab Technicians, Senior Lab Technicians and Biomedical Scientists.

You will be required to work in accordance to laboratory Standard Operating Procedures, ensuring adherence to Health & Safety standards and cleanliness in the laboratory area, as well as other laboratory standards.

What you will be involved in

• Sample Unpacking: This will entail removing a high volume of double bagged samples from boxes and neatly preparing them for the next station by carefully placing them in sealed plastic crates

• Sample Preparation: This involves carefully removing samples from their bags, ensuring the sample is fit to continue in the process (for example ensuring there are no leaks and/or cracks in the vials), and carefully placing these samples in a well-plate. Sample preparation takes place within a microbiological safety cabinet, for which training will be provided

• Equipment Operator Support: This will involve maintaining sample flow to each workstation, re-stocking equipment consumables and removing bio-contained waste to enable continuous station operation

Your Experience:

The following is desirable but not mandatory:
• Laboratory experience
• Experience in high throughput environment (e.g. Manufacturing)
• Experience in working within strict Health & Safety procedures
• Experience working in a team
• GCSE Maths and English - Grade C /4-5 or above (or equivalent qualification)

• Ability to follow specific instructions and follow a process
• Ability to learn a number of different processes and be able to support several laboratory tasks
• Ability to learn how to work with laboratory equipment. (Training will be provided)
• Ability to work productively within a team
• Ability to remain attentive whilst undertaking process-based tasks
• Understanding of relevant health and safety policies and procedures relative to the role
• High attention to detail and ability to identify and escalate risks and issues
• Clear and concise communication skills
• Confidence in articulating process and/or safety breaches

Training and application

Successful candidates will be provided with training and accreditation for all of the roles and processes they are required to undertake and will have the opportunity to learn and develop new skillsets.

As part of the recruitment process, successful candidates are required to complete online tests for which no specialist knowledge or experience is required. These tests are incompatible with smartphones, and must be completed on a computer, laptop or tablet.

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