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What you can expect as our Junior Laboratory Technician

As a Junior Lab Technician, you will be required to process samples from receipt, through to sample processing and storage, in line with laboratory and quality management processes. You will also be required to work in accordance to laboratory SOPs and ensure high levels of cleanliness in the laboratory area.

Junior Lab Technicians will have a familiarity with the lab environment and experience of running laboratory processes. You will support testing within a specific section of the process (e.g. sample processing, extraction, PCR preparation) and will work closely with Senior Lab Technicians and Bioscientist Leads to identify issues in the lab to facilitate timely resolution.

Junior Laboratory Technician testing COVID-19 jobs

You will ensure that processes are carried out safely, efficiently, and to the laboratory's required standards, performing the role in accordance with technical documents and SOPs compliant with the laboratory's accredited standards.

This role requires individuals who have some experience working in a laboratory environment and a clear understanding of the health and safety protocols in a lab environment. Roles are available across Sample Preparation, RNA extraction, and PCR teams (or equivalent for alternative assay procedures).

Your experience:

In order to be successful, you'll need the following education, experience and skills:

• BSc Honours degree in a biological science (we also welcome applications from students who are expected to graduate in 2021)

• Experience in a laboratory setting (academic, clinical or industrial)
• Experience of using a biosafety cabinet
• A comprehensive understanding of health and safety protocols in a lab environment

• Evidence of strong communication and team-working skills
• Evidence of excellent attention to detail

In addition, the following education and experience are also desirable but not mandatory:

Please note that as a Junior Lab Technician, you are not required to have extensive experience across all desirable competencies described above and will be provided with training and accreditation for the roles and processes you are required to undertake. Please note you will also be required to pass BPSS clearance.

• Degree in Biomedical Sciences or related scientific discipline

• Experience in molecular biology, including PCR and immunoassays
• Experience of working with LIMS
• Knowledge of health and safety regulations and experience
• Experience of handling human biological samples
• Experience with handling human biological samples and working at containment level 2 or containment level 3

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